Digital Backpack

TitleActive Date
collapse Month: October
Trunk or Treat with Mayor Barberio10/17/2014
PHS Spanish Honor Society Fundraiser10/17/2014
College Planning for Students with Disabilities October 201410/15/2014
PTA Reflections Program 201410/13/2014
Halloween at the Hills10/13/2014
ADK Holiday Vendor Fair10/13/2014
MCST Open House10/7/2014
Winter Indoor Tennis10/7/2014
Scout Scholar Athlete Award10/6/2014
PAL Safely Back Home10-11-1410/6/2014
Free and Reduced Meals Application10/6/2014
Children's Circle Fun Fair10/6/2014
collapse Month: September
PAL Fall HIP HOP CLASS10/6/2014
collapse Month: October
PTA Candidate's Night 10/2/2014
Child Parent Break 110/2/2014
collapse Month: September
Safely Back Home PAL9/26/2014
College Disability Services Panel 9/26/2014
BE A FRIEND at PAL9/26/2014
Parsippany-Troy Hills Township Schools9/18/2014
Parsippany-Troy Hills Township Schools9/18/2014
Voluntary Student Accident Insurance9/18/2014
Festival of Books!9/13/2014
YMCA Sports Leagues9/13/2014
Parsippany Recycling Alert9/12/2014
Par-Troy West Little League Registration9/9/2014
Parsippany Library Open House for the Makerspace9/9/2014
Par Troy Wrestling Registration9/9/2014
PAL Fall Yoga Class9/9/2014
LH Library - Lets Bloom Together9/9/2014
LH - Lakeland Symphony9/9/2014
Fall Family Day Stickley Museum9/9/2014
Lakeland Youth Symphony9/9/2014
PAL Fall Basketball Clinic9/9/2014
PAL Fall Adult ballet barre9/9/2014
PAL Computer Explorers Minecraft9/9/2014
Learn to Play Tennis Indoor9/1/2014
2014 Parsippany PAL Intramural Basketball9/1/2014
Girls on the Run9/1/2014
PAL Fall Kidsafe Karate9/1/2014
collapse Month: June
2014 Fall Kidsafe Karate6/14/2014
Lakeland Youth Symphony6/11/2014
Learn To Play Tennis 2014 Summer - Parsppany6/11/2014
Parsippany - Summer Reading 20146/9/2014
Mt Tabor Summer Reading 20146/9/2014
Lake HiawathaSummer Reading 20146/9/2014
Children's Center6/9/2014
collapse Month: April
Parsippany-Troy Hills Preschool Program 2014 - 20155/3/2014