Approved Curriculum

Course NameCourse NumberBOE Approval Date
collapse Social Studies
SST663 TestSST663
collapse Applied Technology
Architectural CAD ITEC6348/25/2016
Atuo FundamentalsTEC6101/24/2013
Auto Mechanics IITEC6541/24/2013
Design Problem SolvingELS720 2/25/2016
Engineering CAD ITEC6321/24/2013
Engineering CAD IITEC6311/24/2013
How to Fix Just About AnythingTEC6252/25/2016
Intro to Design Tech ITEC6602/15/2016
Intro to Design Tech IITEC6612/25/2016
Intro to Engineering ELS6002/25/2016
Robotics IITEC818
Stagecraft ITEC6408/25/2016
Stagecraft IITEC6408/25/2016
Woods and Metal CraftersELS710; ELS8102/25/2016
Woods Technology ITEC6008/25/2016
Woods Technology IITEC6038/25/2016
collapse Art
Advanced CeramicsART73010/22/2015
AnimationART751 2/26/2013
AP Studio ArtART7212/26/2013
Art Grade K-5KART00; 1ART00; 2ART00; 3ART00; 4ART00; 5ART0011/15/2012
Art Palooza: Past, Present, & FutureELA80110/22/2015
Art: Explore! Imagine! Discover!ELA60010/22/2015
ART755ART755 11/13/2014
Ceramics IART7001/24/2013
Ceramics IIART7051/24/2013
Digital ArtELA70010/22/2015
Drawing IART7101/24/2013
Drawing IIART7111/24/2013
Graphic DesignART7502/26/2013
Honors Art PortfolioART724 2/26/2013
Multi ArtART7351/24/2013
collapse Business
Accounting IBUS6248/25/2016
Advanced Placement EconomicsBUS5352/23/2017
Business Computer Applications TechBUS6006/23/2015
Business LawBUS5002/23/2017
Business Organization and ManagementBUS6156/19/2015
College Prep Accounting Honors Grades 11-12BUS6206/19/2015
Cooperative Marketing and Education Tech Grade 12CVE610; CVE6151/24/2013
Desktop PublishingBUS6651/24/2013
Marketing, Advertising and Sales PromotionBUS6308/25/2016
Pathways to Business and CareersBUS4508/25/2016
Personal FinanceBUS4558/25/2016
collapse Educational Technology
Multimedia I Grades 7 & 8COM705; COM8054/11/2013
Multimedia II Grades 7,8COM710; COM8104/11/2013
Television Production ITEC6051/24/2013
Television Production IITEC6061/24/2013
Young Makers 7th GradeELS75010/22/2015
collapse ESL
ESL 111-115ESL 111-1152/20/2014
ESL Grades 6-8ESL411; ESL412; ESL4131/24/2013
ESL Grades K-5KESL00; 1ESL00; 2ESL00; 3ESL00; 4ESL00; 5ESL001/24/2013
collapse Family and Consumer Science
Advanced Foods (International Foods)FCS62010/20/2016
Child Development and ParentingFCS63010/22/2015
Food Service and Hospitality (Creative Cooking)ELA84010/22/2015
Foods and Family Grade 6HEC6101/24/2013
Foods Grade 8HEC8101/24/2013
Honors Human DevelopmentFCS640 Honors Human Development1/24/2013
Intro To FoodsELA61010/20/2016
Introduction to Food Preparation and Nutrition FCS6151/24/2013
collapse GRO
Gro Curriculum 1-515GRO00
collapse Guidance
School Counseling Curriculum K-1268GUI00; 912GUI00; K5GUI003/29/2012
collapse Health & Physical Education
Supplemental Adaptations Grades K-12PEH134; PEH135; PEH234; PEH235; PEH334; PEH335; PEH434; PEH4359/25/2008
Careers in MedicinePEH6507/19/2012
Driver Education Grade 10PEH224; PEH2252/23/2012
Driver Education-Teacher ResourcesPEH224; PEH2259/13/2012
Health Grade 1PEH1006/7/2016
Health Grade 2PEH2006/7/2016
Health Grade 3PEH3006/7/2016
Health Grade 4PEH4006/7/2016
Health Grade 5PEH5006/7/2016
Health Grade 6PEH6056/7/2016
Health Grade 7PEH7052/25/2016
Health Grade 8PEH8056/7/2016
Health Grades 9, 11, 12PEH124; PEH125; PEH324; PEH325; PEH424; PEH4257/19/2012
Mind Body Nutrition 6ELM6502/25/2016
Physical Education Grades 6, 7, 8PEH600; PEH700; PEH8006/7/2016
Physical Education Grades 9-12PEH114; PEH115; PEH214; PEH215; PEH314; PEH315; PEH414; PEH4156/7/2016
Physical Education K-5PEHK00; PEH100; PEH200; PEH300; PEH400; PEH5006/7/2016
collapse Language Arts
5 RE READING5RE1/24/2013
Basic College English IIIENG3538/28/2014
Basic College English IVENG4538/28/2014
College English IIIENG3431/24/2013
College English IVENG4438/28/2014
Creative WritingENG7009/12/2013
English IENG1178/28/2014
English I HonorsENG11410/20/2016
English IIENG2178/28/2014
English II HonorsENG2149/22/2016
English III HonorsENG3148/25/2016
English IV Advanced PlacementENG4149/12/2013
ESL EnglishENG1131/24/2013
Language Arts/Advanced Language Arts 6 ENG663; ENG66510/18/2017
Language Arts/Advanced Language Arts 7 ENG773; ENG77510/18/2017
Language Arts/Advanced Language Arts 8ENG883; ENG88510/18/2017
Public SpeakingENG7158/28/2018
Reading/Writing Workshop 6RWR6632/25/2016
Reading/Writing Workshop 8RWR8832/25/2016
Strategies for Reading and WritingENG102, ENG202, ENG302, MES102, MES202, MES3022/20/2014
collapse Mathematics
Algebra IMTH11711/14/2014
Algebra IIMTH31710/22/2015
Algebra IIIMTH43010/22/2015
Analyzing Statistics in SportsELM71010/22/2015
AP Computer Science AMTH5111/24/2013
AP Computer Science PrinciplesMTH5129/14/2017
Applied MathematicsMTH41010/22/2015
Banking and Wall StreetELH70010/22/2015
College AlgebraMTH42010/22/2015
Computer Science and Programming Concepts with Python--High SchoolMTH5228/21/2018
Data Structures-Advanced ProgrammingMTH5141/24/2013
ESL Mathematics 1-2MTH113; MTH21310/20/2016
Geometry-Honors GeometryMTH217; MTH1149/12/2013
Grade 6 Regular and AdvancedMTH663; MTH6652/20/2014
Honors Algebra IIMTH21411/15/2012
Introduction to Computer Programming in C and APPS DevelopmentMTH5171/24/2013
Math StrategiesMTH30210/22/2015
Math StrategiesMTH102 6/7/2016
Math StrategiesMTH20210/22/2015
Mathematics KKMA
Mathematics AP CalculusMTH4141/24/2013
Mathematics AP StatisticsMTH4601/24/2013
Mathematics Calculus MTH4131/24/2013
Mathematics Grade 11MA
Mathematics Grade 22MA
Mathematics Grade 33MA
Mathematics Grade 44MA
Mathematics Grade 55MA
Mathematics Grade 7 AdvancedMTH77511/14/2014
Mathematics Grade 7 RegularMTH77311/14/2014
Mathematics Grade 8MTH8839/12/2014
Mathematics PrecalculusMTH3131/24/2013
Mathematics Precalculus HonorsMTH3141/24/2013
Personal and Global FinanceELM800 10/22/2015
Probability, Statistics and Discrete MathematicsMTH3239/12/2013
Robotics - High SchoolMTH5258/21/2018
collapse Media
Library Media K-5MSK-52/25/2016
Library/Media Services Grades 9-12MS9-128/13/2015
MS6-8 Library/Media Grades 6-8MS6-88/13/2015
collapse Music
Advanced Placement Music TheoryMUS7007/19/2012
Choir Grades 9-12MUS7227/19/2012
Concert Band Grades 9-12MUS7057/19/2012
Honors Concert Choir Grades 10-12MUS7308/23/2012
Honors Wind Ensemble Grades 10-12MUS7208/23/2012
Instrumental Music Grades 4-84MUS11; 5MUS11; MUS611; MUS711; MUS8117/19/2012
Instrumental Music Grades 6-8MUS611; MUS711; MUS8117/19/2012
Music K-5KMUS00; 1MUS00; 2MUS00; 3MUS00; 4MUS00; 5MUS008/23/2012
Vocal Music Grades 6-8MUS601; MUS701; MUS8018/23/2012
Wind Ensemble Grades 10-12MUS7158/23/2012
collapse Science
AP Environmental SCN334
Anatomy Physiology HonorsSCN31411/29/2012
AP ChemistrySCN3249/22/2016
AP PhysicsSCN414
Biological ScienceSCN11910/20/2016
Biology ISCN11710/22/2015
Biology I HonorsSCN11410/22/2015
Biology IISCN23311/29/2012
Chemistry ISCN22310/22/2015
Chemistry I HonorsSCN21410/20/2016
Conceptual ChemistrySCN3009/22/2016
Environmental ScienceSCN21311/29/2012
ESL ScienceSCN11211/29/2012
ESL Science IISCN2125/25/2017
Forensic ScienceSCN32010/22/2015
Marine BiologySCN31010/22/2015
Nutritional ScienceSCN3706/7/2016
Physics 1SCN24311/29/2012
Physics 1 Honors SCN24411/29/2012
Science KKSC
Science Grade 1 1SC
Science Grade 22SC
Science Grade 33SC
Science Grade 44SC
Science Grade 55SC
Science Grade 6SCN6632/23/2017
Science Grade 7SCN7732/23/2017
Science Grade 8SCN88311/29/2016
collapse Social Studies
Advanced Placement United States History II Grade 11SST31410/22/2015
AP Government and PoliticsSST5343/29/2012
Civics and Government SST5401/24/2013
European History - Grade 12 APSST53012/15/2011
Grade 8 World History and World History Honors 500-1500SST50810/19/2017
History of Sports and SocietySST51010/22/2015
Human Behavior ISST50412/8/2011
Human Behavior IISST50511/15/2012
Philosophy and LogicSST5506/7/2016
Pre-AP US History ISST21410/22/2015
Social Studies Grade 6SST66310/19/2017
Social Studies Grade 7 Introduction to American Studies and Introduction to American Studies AdvancedSST50710/19/2017
US History ISST2178/28/2014
US History I (ESL)SST2121/24/2013
US History IISST3171/24/2013
US History II (ESL)SST3121/24/2013
US Military HistorySST5207/19/2012
World History (ESL) Grade 9SST1121/24/2013
World History Grade 9SST1171/24/2013
World History HonorsSST11411/13/2014
collapse Special Services Program Considerations
Learning StrategiesTCR10511/29/2012
Life Skills Grades 6, 7, 8TCR600; TCR700; TCR8009/12/2013
Life Skills Transition I/Grades 9, 10TCR40111/13/2014
Life Skills Transition I/Grades 9, 10 Teacher's HandbookTCR401H11/13/2014
Life Skills Transition II Grades 11, 12+ Teacher's HandbookTCR402H11/14/2014
Life Skills Transition II Structured Learning Experiences (SLE) Grades 11, 12+ Teacher's HandbookTCR402H211/14/2014
Life Skills Transition II/Grades 11, 12+TCR40211/13/2014
collapse Target: Teach Parsippany
Target: Teach ParsippanyTCH4006/9/2011
collapse World Language
AP ItalianWLA5343/10/2011
French 1 Grades 8-12WLA11311/15/2012
French 2/2HWLA213; WLA2141/24/2013
French 3/3H WLA3131/24/2013
French 4/4HWLA4131/24/2013
French AP HonorsWLA5141/24/2013
French Grade 6WLA6118/11/2015
French Grade 7WLA7101/24/2013
Gujarati 1 (Novice - High Level)WLA1631/24/2013
Hindi, Gujarati and TeluguWLA17310/14/2014
Italian 1 Grades 8-12WLA13311/15/2012
Italian 2-2HWLA233; WLA2349/12/2013
Italian 3-3HWLA333; WLA3348/28/2014
Italian 4/4HWLA433; WLA4341/24/2013
Italian 5WLA5333/10/2011
Italian Grade 6WLA631; WLA6351/24/2013
Italian Grade 7WLA7328/18/2015
Spanish 1 Grades 8-12WLA14311/15/2012
Spanish 2/2HWLA243; WLA24410/22/2015
Spanish 3/3H Grade 9 - 12WLA343; WLA34410/22/2015
Spanish 4/4HWLA443; WLA44411/14/2014
Spanish 5WLA54311/29/2016
Spanish Grade 6WLA641; WLA6451/24/2013
SPANISH GRADE 7WLA7421/24/2013
Spanish Language and Culture APWLA5449/12/2013
World Cultures: Geogrophy, Culture and HolidaysWLA6002/25/2016
World Languages and Cultures K-5World Languages and Cultures K-5