Approved Curriculum

Course NameCourse NumberBOE Approval Date
collapse Applied Technology
Architectural CAD ITEC6348/25/2016
Atuo FundamentalsTEC6101/24/2013
Auto Mechanics IITEC6541/24/2013
Design Problem SolvingELS720 2/25/2016
Engineering CAD ITEC6321/24/2013
Engineering CAD IITEC6311/24/2013
How to Fix Just About AnythingTEC6252/25/2016
Intro to Design Tech ITEC6602/15/2016
Intro to Design Tech IITEC6612/25/2016
Intro to Engineering ELS6002/25/2016
Robotics IITEC818
Stagecraft ITEC6408/25/2016
Stagecraft IITEC6408/25/2016
Woods and Metal CraftersELS710; ELS8102/25/2016
Woods Technology ITEC6008/25/2016
Woods Technology IITEC6038/25/2016
collapse Art
Advanced CeramicsART73010/22/2015
AnimationART751 2/26/2013
AP Studio ArtART7212/26/2013
Art Grade K-5KART00; 1ART00; 2ART00; 3ART00; 4ART00; 5ART0011/15/2012
Art Palooza: Past, Present, & FutureELA80110/22/2015
Art: Explore! Imagine! Discover!ELA60010/22/2015
ART755ART755 11/13/2014
Ceramics IART7001/24/2013
Ceramics IIART7051/24/2013
Digital ArtELA70010/22/2015
Drawing IART7101/24/2013
Drawing IIART7111/24/2013
Graphic DesignART7502/26/2013
Honors Art PortfolioART724 2/26/2013
Multi ArtART7351/24/2013
collapse Business
Accounting IBUS6248/25/2016
Advanced Placement EconomicsBUS5352/23/2017
Business Computer Applications TechBUS6006/23/2015
Business LawBUS5002/23/2017
Business Organization and ManagementBUS6156/19/2015
College Prep Accounting Honors Grades 11-12BUS6206/19/2015
Cooperative Marketing and Education Tech Grade 12CVE610; CVE6151/24/2013
Desktop PublishingBUS6651/24/2013
Marketing, Advertising and Sales PromotionBUS6308/25/2016
Pathways to Business and CareersBUS4508/25/2016
Personal FinanceBUS4558/25/2016
collapse Educational Technology
Multimedia I Grades 7 & 8COM705; COM8054/11/2013
Multimedia II Grades 7,8COM710; COM8104/11/2013
Television Production ITEC6051/24/2013
Television Production IITEC6061/24/2013
Young Makers 7th GradeELS75010/22/2015
collapse ESL
ESL 111-115ESL 111-1152/20/2014
ESL Grades 6-8ESL411; ESL412; ESL4131/24/2013
ESL Grades K-5KESL00; 1ESL00; 2ESL00; 3ESL00; 4ESL00; 5ESL001/24/2013
collapse Family and Consumer Science
Advanced Foods (International Foods)FCS62010/20/2016
Child Development and ParentingFCS63010/22/2015
Food Service and Hospitality (Creative Cooking)ELA84010/22/2015
Foods and Family Grade 6HEC6101/24/2013
Foods Grade 8HEC8101/24/2013
Honors Human DevelopmentFCS640 Honors Human Development1/24/2013
Intro To FoodsELA61010/20/2016
Introduction to Food Preparation and Nutrition FCS6151/24/2013
collapse GRO
collapse Guidance
School Counseling Curriculum K-1268GUI00; 912GUI00; K5GUI003/29/2012
collapse Health & Physical Education
Supplemental Adaptations Grades K-12PEH134; PEH135; PEH234; PEH235; PEH334; PEH335; PEH434; PEH4359/25/2008
Careers in MedicinePEH6507/19/2012
Driver Education Grade 10PEH224; PEH2252/23/2012
Driver Education-Teacher ResourcesPEH224; PEH2259/13/2012
Health Grade 1PEH1006/7/2016
Health Grade 2PEH2006/7/2016
Health Grade 3PEH3006/7/2016
Health Grade 4PEH4006/7/2016
Health Grade 5PEH5006/7/2016
Health Grade 6PEH6056/7/2016
Health Grade 7PEH7052/25/2016
Health Grade 8PEH8056/7/2016
Health Grades 9, 11, 12PEH124; PEH125; PEH324; PEH325; PEH424; PEH4257/19/2012
Mind Body Nutrition 6ELM6502/25/2016
Physical Education Grades 6, 7, 8PEH600; PEH700; PEH8006/7/2016
Physical Education Grades 9-12PEH114; PEH115; PEH214; PEH215; PEH314; PEH315; PEH414; PEH4156/7/2016
Physical Education K-5PEHK00; PEH100; PEH200; PEH300; PEH400; PEH5006/7/2016
collapse Language Arts
AP English Language and Composition-High SchoolENGCOMP8/21/2018
AP Literature and CompositionENG4149/12/2013
Basic College English IIIENG3538/28/2014
Basic College English IVENG4538/28/2014
College English IIIENG3431/24/2013
College English IVENG4438/28/2014
Creative WritingENG7009/12/2013
English IENG1178/28/2014
English I HonorsENG11410/20/2016
English IIENG2178/28/2014
English II HonorsENG2149/22/2016
English III HonorsENG3148/25/2016
ESL EnglishENG1131/24/2013
Language Arts/Advanced Language Arts 6 ENG663; ENG66510/18/2017
Language Arts/Advanced Language Arts 7 ENG773; ENG77510/18/2017
Language Arts/Advanced Language Arts 8ENG883; ENG88510/18/2017
Public SpeakingENG7158/28/2018
Reading/Writing Workshop 6RWR6632/25/2016
Reading/Writing Workshop 8RWR8832/25/2016
Strategies for Reading and WritingENG102, ENG202, ENG302, MES102, MES202, MES3022/20/2014
collapse Mathematics
Algebra IMTH11711/14/2014
Algebra IIMTH31710/22/2015
Algebra IIIMTH43010/22/2015
Analyzing Statistics in SportsELM71010/22/2015
AP Computer Science AMTH5111/24/2013
AP Computer Science PrinciplesMTH5129/14/2017
Applied MathematicsMTH41010/22/2015
Banking and Wall StreetELH70010/22/2015
College AlgebraMTH42010/22/2015
Computer Science and Programming Concepts with Python--High SchoolMTH5228/21/2018
Data Structures-Advanced ProgrammingMTH5141/24/2013
ESL Mathematics 1-2MTH113; MTH21310/20/2016
Geometry-Honors GeometryMTH217; MTH1149/12/2013
Grade 6 Regular and AdvancedMTH663; MTH6652/20/2014
Honors Algebra IIMTH21411/15/2012
Introduction to Computer Programming in C and APPS DevelopmentMTH5171/24/2013
Math StrategiesMTH30210/22/2015
Math StrategiesMTH102 6/7/2016
Math StrategiesMTH20210/22/2015
Mathematics KKMA
Mathematics AP CalculusMTH4141/24/2013
Mathematics AP StatisticsMTH4601/24/2013
Mathematics Calculus MTH4131/24/2013
Mathematics Grade 11MA
Mathematics Grade 22MA
Mathematics Grade 33MA
Mathematics Grade 44MA
Mathematics Grade 55MA
Mathematics Grade 7 AdvancedMTH77511/14/2014
Mathematics Grade 7 RegularMTH77311/14/2014
Mathematics Grade 8MTH8839/12/2014
Mathematics PrecalculusMTH3131/24/2013
Mathematics Precalculus HonorsMTH3141/24/2013
Personal and Global FinanceELM800 10/22/2015
Probability, Statistics and Discrete MathematicsMTH3239/12/2013
Robotics - High SchoolMTH5258/21/2018
collapse Media
Library Media K-5 2017MSK-5
Library/Media Services Grades 9-12MS9-128/13/2015
MS6-8 Library/Media Grades 6-8MS6-88/13/2015
collapse Music
Advanced Placement Music TheoryMUS7007/19/2012
Choir Grades 9-12MUS7227/19/2012
Concert Band Grades 9-12MUS7057/19/2012
Honors Concert Choir Grades 10-12MUS7308/23/2012
Honors Wind Ensemble Grades 10-12MUS7208/23/2012
Instrumental Music Grades 4-84MUS11; 5MUS11; MUS611; MUS711; MUS8117/19/2012
Instrumental Music Grades 6-8MUS611; MUS711; MUS8117/19/2012
Music K-5KMUS00; 1MUS00; 2MUS00; 3MUS00; 4MUS00; 5MUS008/23/2012
Vocal Music Grades 6-8MUS601; MUS701; MUS8018/23/2012
Wind Ensemble Grades 10-12MUS7158/23/2012
collapse Science
Advanced Science Grade 8SCN885
AP Environmental SCN334
Anatomy Physiology HonorsSCN31411/29/2012
AP ChemistrySCN3249/22/2016
AP PhysicsSCN414
Biological ScienceSCN119
Biology 1SCN117
Biology I HonorsSCN114
Biology IISCN23311/29/2012
Chemistry HonorsSCN214
Chemistry ISCN22310/22/2015
Conceptual ChemistrySCN3009/22/2016
Environmental ScienceSCN21311/29/2012
ESL ScienceSCN11211/29/2012
ESL Science IISCN2125/25/2017
Forensic ScienceSCN32010/22/2015
Marine BiologySCN31010/22/2015
Nutritional ScienceSCN3706/7/2016
Physics 1SCN24311/29/2012
Physics 1 Honors SCN24411/29/2012
Science KKSC
Science Grade 1 1SC
Science Grade 22SC
Science Grade 33SC
Science Grade 44SC
Science Grade 55SC
Science Grade 6SCN663
Science Grade 7SCN773
Science Grade 8SCN883
collapse Social Studies
Advanced Placement United States History II Grade 11SST31410/22/2015
AP Government and PoliticsSST5343/29/2012
Civics and Government SST5401/24/2013
European History - Grade 12 APSST53012/15/2011
Grade 8 World History and World History Honors 500-1500SST50810/19/2017
History of Sports and SocietySST51010/22/2015
Human Behavior ISST50412/8/2011
Human Behavior IISST50511/15/2012
Philosophy and LogicSST5506/7/2016
Pre-AP US History ISST21410/22/2015
Social Studies Grade 6SST66310/19/2017
Social Studies Grade 7 Introduction to American Studies and Introduction to American Studies AdvancedSST50710/19/2017
US History ISST2178/28/2014
US History I (ESL)SST2121/24/2013
US History IISST3171/24/2013
US History II (ESL)SST3121/24/2013
US Military HistorySST5207/19/2012
World History (ESL) Grade 9SST1121/24/2013
World History Grade 9SST1171/24/2013
World History HonorsSST11411/13/2014
collapse Special Services Program Considerations
Learning StrategiesTCR10511/29/2012
Life Skills Grades 6, 7, 8TCR600; TCR700; TCR8009/12/2013
Life Skills Transition I/Grades 9, 10TCR40111/13/2014
Life Skills Transition I/Grades 9, 10 Teacher's HandbookTCR401H11/13/2014
Life Skills Transition II Grades 11, 12+ Teacher's HandbookTCR402H11/14/2014
Life Skills Transition II Structured Learning Experiences (SLE) Grades 11, 12+ Teacher's HandbookTCR402H211/14/2014
Life Skills Transition II/Grades 11, 12+TCR40211/13/2014
collapse Target: Teach Parsippany
Target: Teach ParsippanyTCH4006/9/2011
collapse World Language
AP ItalianWLA5343/10/2011
French 1 Grades 8-12WLA11311/15/2012
French 2/2HWLA213; WLA2141/24/2013
French 3/3H WLA3131/24/2013
French 4/4HWLA4131/24/2013
French AP HonorsWLA5141/24/2013
French Grade 6WLA6118/11/2015
French Grade 7WLA7101/24/2013
Gujarati 1 (Novice - High Level)WLA1631/24/2013
Hindi, Gujarati and TeluguWLA17310/14/2014
Italian 1 Grades 8-12WLA13311/15/2012
Italian 2-2HWLA233; WLA2349/12/2013
Italian 3-3HWLA333; WLA3348/28/2014
Italian 4/4HWLA433; WLA4341/24/2013
Italian 5WLA5333/10/2011
Italian Grade 6WLA631; WLA6351/24/2013
Italian Grade 7WLA7328/18/2015
Spanish 1 Grades 8-12WLA14311/15/2012
Spanish 2/2HWLA243; WLA24410/22/2015
Spanish 3/3H Grade 9 - 12WLA343; WLA34410/22/2015
Spanish 4/4HWLA443; WLA44411/14/2014
Spanish 5WLA54311/29/2016
Spanish Grade 6WLA641; WLA6451/24/2013
SPANISH GRADE 7WLA7421/24/2013
Spanish Language and Culture APWLA5449/12/2013
World Cultures: Geogrophy, Culture and HolidaysWLA6002/25/2016
World Languages and Cultures K-5World Languages and Cultures K-5